“The Long Fall of Phoebe Jonchuck” by Lane DeGregory

March 14, 2016

degregory-squareThis week’s episode looks at “The Long Fall of Phoebe Jonchuck,” by Lane DeGregory for the Tampa Bay Times in January 2016.

The story looks at the life and tragic death of Phoebe Jonchuck, a five-year-old girl, murdered by her father, who dropped her from the side of a bridge. I talk with Lane about the challenges of exploring this difficult story.

Lane Degregory is a feature writer for the Tampa Bay Times. She has won dozens of national awards, including the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing for her story “The Girl in the Window.”


Coming up in Episode four, I’ll be talking with Oliver Roeder about his FiveThirtyEight article: ” A Million Little Boxes.” Check it out of you’d like to read it before the next show is released.