“Telling JJ” by John Woodrow Cox

December 9, 2016


John Woodrow CoxOn this episode, I talk with John Woodrow Cox about his story, “Telling JJ,” which appeared in the Washington Post in September 2015. “Telling JJ” is the story of a 10-year-old girl who is about to learn that she has been HIV positive since birth. The story explores the critical juncture she has reached in life as she is about to learn the truth.

John Woodrow Cox is an reporter at the Washington Post. Prior to joining the Post, he worked at the Tampa Bay Times in Florida and at the Valley News in New Hampshire.


For a follow-up on JJ, one year later, check out John’s follow-up story from August 2016:
Telling JJ: A year after learning she has HIV, an 11-year-old has a breakthrough

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