“His American Dream died. His town got over it” by Robert Samuels

August 17, 2018

Robert SamuelsIn this episode, I talk with Robert Samuels about his story for the Washington Post: “His American Dream died. His town got over it.” 

The story examines what Robert found when he went to Granger, Indiana one year after a popular local restaurant owner was deported.

Robert Samuels is a national politics reporter for the Washington Post. His official bio says that he “focuses on the intersection of politics, policy, and people.” It also says that Robert “travels the country to chronicle how the vivacious political discussion in the nation’s capital is impacting the lives of everyday Americans.” [Editor’s note: that’s possibly the best job description I’ve ever read]

Before working for the Post, Robert spent five years at the Miami Herald. He’s a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism and the former editor in chief of the school newspaper, The Daily Northwestern. (Go Cats!)

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